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bernadett horvath
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i remember listening to songs with you those made us feel like infinite and immortal. i remember staring at the sky while airplanes fly high and peace came to us. i remember as your doors open and let me in and keep me and you hold me tight and whisper my name and want me. no one else. and i remember you waited so long and you keep waiting for things we don’t even really know. i remember i had only one wish, but i can’t remember why did it disappear or where is it now. 

where are all my feelings, all my thoughts, where i am and where are we now? falling apart slowly and then breathe again. let things come and let them go.
take me to the nicest part of your heart and keep me there. lock the doors and put some music on. only one song. repeat. never stop. never again.

crossing ways
hooanna: < 3

love you back

bad karma
only lovers left alive